Cannot edit style output

I have a .ens style for journal Fisheries Research, and it is incorrect in many ways. So, I need to edit it. But when trying to edit, and saving the style, Endnote says “you are attempting to write inside your style folders default installation directory. this is not allowed. you must select a different folder location for saving modified style files before proceeding”. There is no option to select different folder, so all edits made to the style will be lost.

Any advice?

I’m using endnote x6 on mac.

In EndNote, click on the EndNote X6 menu and select Preferences. Click on Folder Locations and then click the EndNote Defaults button. This should change the Styles folder to read /Users/[your user name]/Documents/EndNote/Styles. Click Save to update and then close out of Preferences. You should now be able to save your changes to the default Styles folder.

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