CWYW drawing styles from wrong folder/not compiling styles

Due to an issue with the styles folder not saving edits (see: ‘can’t save change to custom output style’) I changed that folder that endnote saves styles to to one in a different drive. However, CWYW is still drawing the styles from the old folder. Does anyone know how to change this?  Currently the only way I can update styles is by changing them in endnote and then copying and pasting across these two folders.

Endnote is set up to have two folders with output styles.  Those that are installed, and in a location that can’t be edited, and the other for user altered or downloaded styles, that won’t get overwritten when the program updates.  Endnote pulls the output style list from both locations (and therefore it is inadvisable to have two files with the same name in both locations because it tends to use the one in the original folder rather than the updated one).  So the one you set in the endnote preferences, should be user specific and in a writable area for that user.  This is the reason, the preferences shouldn’t ever point to the installed (default content) styles folder.  Then you get the error that you can’t save changed or downloaded content.    

We actually have our installation content on a shared drive, so everyone is using the same set, and if a journal changes or corrections are made, we can update it there, for everyone.  

In the program’s help you can find this topic, about doing something similar:

Changing the Default Content File Location

Content files include output styles, filters, and connections files. These are typically installed in the EndNote program folder. For example

C:\Program Files\EndNote \Styles
C:\Program Files\EndNote \Filters
C:\Program Files\EndNote \Connections

However, you may want to install the default content files in a folder other than the EndNote program folder. You may want to use a common, shared folder for all users in your organization.

Note: Remember that EndNote compiles style, filter, and connection file lists from both the default installation folder and a user’s personal content folders. For information about setting a personal folder location, see Folder Locations Preferences.

Below are two methods that an administrator could use to run the installer and tell EndNote to relocate the “main” content file locations. The <path_to_content_folders should be set to the parent path of the content folders. For instance, if the Styles, Filters, and Connections folders are located at D:\ Shared\Content, then that path should be used for CFDIR.

Method 1: Specify a custom folder path via command line

This method will work for most users, who install EndNote by launching the installer. To install EndNote with a custom content file folder setting:

For EXE installations :

ENX9Inst.exe CFDIR=”< path_to_content_folders>”

For MSI installations :

msiexec.exe /I ENX9Inst.msi CFDIR=”< path_to_content_folders>”

This method is for site system administrators, who want the end user to install or deploy the application without the user changing settings.

Update the value of the “CFDIR” property in the Property table, save the transform, and create the group policy object to deploy the installer with the transform. (See the transform documentation for the tool you are using, such as Orca). 

In EndNote, when you display a list of styles, filters, or connection files in EndNote, the list is compiled from two locations: the installation folders and your personal folders.

The installation folders include:

Users/Your Folder/Documents/EndNote/Styles
Users/Your Folder/Documents/EndNote/Filters
Users/Your Folder/Documents/EndNote/Connections

You can set a personal folder location using the following steps:

To change your personal folder locations:

From the EndNote Edit menu (EndNote menu MAC), select Preferences.

Click on Folder Locations.

To change a folder location, click the Select Folder button.

Select or open the folder that you would like to designate as the new Style, Filter, or Connection folder, and then click Choose Select Folder.

If you are still having trouble setting a folder location and saving styles then please Product Support directly
1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


Hi Tony,

This is exactly what I did. However, CWYW continues to draw the files from the installation folder only. It does not correspond with the folder location I set in Endnote’s Preferences and it does not compile the contents of both folders (i.e. edited styles with distinct names are not carried over into the folder that CWYW draws from). How can I fix this? I can’t go back to using the installation folder as it will not let me save edited styles.

You can try use the setting in EndNote Preferences to reset the Folder Location to the Default and place any styles you want to edit back in the

Documents\EndNote\Styles location.

If this does not resolve the issue then please contact Technical Support directly:

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1