Can't save change to a custom output style

When I try to save a change to a custom output style, it doesn’t work. If I’m looking at the box that says “Save As” and my I type the filename and hit save; I get another identical box with the word ‘copy’ appended to my filename. And over and over again, if I hit save repeatedly.  The changes are not saved.  Help!

Endnote X2, the edited styles should be in a styles folder in My Documents and the preferences should point there.  The supplied styles stay in the Program folder.  During my upgrade installation, Endnote didn’t create a folder there, probably because, we have our My Documents reassigned to our network drive and it isn’t located on C:. It retained the Program folder preference.  This results in the “Copy” recurring phenotype.   Check your preferences and have it point to a location you have absolute control over.  It shouldn’t point to folder in the the Program/Endnote folders  (which in Vista is almost impossible to not have write protected anyway). 

When you look for a style, using the “Style manager”, or “choose another style”, it brings them up from both places!  This is a definite change from ENX and previous versions, where it only pulled the available styles from the folder set in preferences. 

So why allow users to put their styles anywhere but in My Documents? One is given a choice, and there is no indication that keeping your Styles where they used to be–in the endNote program folder–is likely to be problematic. I have just found this fix after weeks of frustration! I hope this feature will be changed in subsequent versions of EndNote, and that you don’t keep mucking around with these settings (or at least provide a more informative pop-up box if people have the problem).

The reason it had to be changed from the location in the program folder, is that Vista does not allow write access to folders in that location.  So developers were forced to change the location of the user editable folders. 

I had the same problem. Have you solved this problem?

Thank you for your help.


Leanne’s posting above describes the solution. If your situation differs could you provide more specific info such as the version of EndNote you’re using, your computer’s operating system and version, and version of MS Word?

Edit , preference , folder locations , see that the 1. style folder, 2. filter folder and connection filter is directed to the EndNote folder

But if that endnote folder is in the program folder location, Windows Vista, 7 and 8 doesn’t allow the program to write to it.