Moving styles between computers


Where does endnote save customised styles too?  I can’t see it in Program Files / Endnote / Styles

the library it is for is saved on a memory stick, and I can’t see it there, either.

I’ve been working on an office PC, and I’m about to have to transfer to a different computer, so I need to make sure I ahve the style?


the customized styles are saved to the Personal folder location in  My Documents or Library Endnote/Styles folder.  

You can check (and change) where this is, in Endnotes preferences Folder location.  (Edit>Preferences)

Endnote looks in both places for your output styles.  The C: Program Folder location is “locked” in recent versions of Windows so programs can’t write to them.  Do not try to make that the default in your preferences.  

Awesome! thanks - you have no idea how much i appreciate that right now!