Style Manager, Choose A Style menu, and EndNote X6 Styles menu show styles that aren't there

My EndNote program (X6, running with Word 2010 in Windows 8) has its folder location for Styles set to a folder on my office’s shared drive so that my coworkers and I can all use the same set of styles.

I have been finding that when I look use the Style Manager or any other menu to select a style, it shows me styles that are not in the shared folder. In fact, when I hover the mouse pointer over some styles in the Style Manager, it shows them as being in locations other than the folder I want to use.

How do I get EndNote to list only the styles that are in the designated folder?

In Windows there are the “installed” ones which live in the styles folder  in Endnote’s folder in the program folder on your C: drive.  Go there and delete them or rename the folder to something else, if you don’t want to see the eclectic collection there.

But it occurs to me that you might rather change the registry settings for CFDIR set to “the place you want everyone to have access” and then they can still use their local styles folder for those they would like to alter or download.  

See this thread for how we do it.

Thanks for the response. I think your second solution is the way to go, since it would solve the problem for everyone in my office. I will check with my institution’s IT people and see if they can make that change.

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