Cannot syn, internal error

I have encountered a Endnote problem on MacAir. Everytime I click the syn button, I have this error

“Server.DBException.internalError: user has not been assigned to a shard”

Any idea of what may happen to the endnote? Last few days, I only changed folder name, notes. I used both Mac and windows to syn from the same endnote web account. Windows Endnote is working fine.

X7.1 build 9529

OSX 10.9.4

Syncing is a complicated process, and thus we other users probably can’t help, and thus I suggest you call Tech support to discuss and trouble shoot.  

For technical questions
regarding your EndNote software: CONTACT TECHNICAL SUPPORT

Tel: +1-800-336-4474, press 4
Submit a technical support request to be contact by the Technical Support Team


9AM to 8PM ET (GMT - 5:00)
Monday thru Friday

THANKS Leanne! I guess the endnote has currupted for unknown reason. I tried to create a blank library and syn with server to recover those 600+ reference. It ended up only syn 180 reference and stop downloading the rest. I think there is another thread which already mentioned this bug.

What I will do next is physically copy the library file and pdf folder from another desktop to see if I can manually recover those 600+ reference. 

Unless Endnote build in a debug mechanism, I don’t think the technical team will be an efficient way to solve this problem. I start manually backup my reference to Mendeley now.

It is confirmed that physical copy the library from another PC is a quick fix. The library must be corruptive somehow. If it is corruptive, the backup method, such as Dropbox, won’t help because Dropbox syns the corruptive copy instantly. I am lucky to setup two installation between Mac and Windows. Hope this will help someone down the track.