Internal Server Error

Having installed EndNote X7 and synched it with myendnoteweb, I ran into immediate trouble with conflicts. I then ended up with an “Internal Server Error”. I eventually deleted myendnoteweb groups and references only to find they then were deleted in the desktop version of EndNote, despite aforementioned error. Thankfully I has backed up my library but I am still unable to get the sync to work correctly. It appears that EndNote does connect to the library, as my new groups have been installed, but no references are synching.

Does anyone know how this could be resolved?


I am sorry this happened to you and am glad you had a backup. In general, especially with Sync, I’d encourage you to reach out to our technical support team when having an issue rather than deleting anything because as you now know, the references, groups and group sets are sync’ed which means all changes are sent everywhere. If you could PM me your username, perhaps I can find out what caused your error and more importantly what is preventing you from syncing. If you click on the ‘Support & Training’ option above, you can create a support case where we can most efficiently help you.

Dear Gandalf

After numerous attempts to Sync, it eventually stopped giving me the Internal Server Error and allowed the sync to go ahead. It appears to be working now. Thanks for the reply.


It sounds like it may have been an intermittent issue then. Very sorry for the inconvenience and please let us know if you do experience an issue again.

I’ve got exactly the same problem (I installed X7 for the first time today, after using X4 for years).  Though I attempted to clear the error message numerous times, the problem hasn’t been solved yet.  What can I do ?

Hello, wnuj:

These kinds of issues usually require us to look into things on the backend. Therefore, please open a case at and include your account username and your exact error. We’ll be glad to look into it more closely for you.

I am having the same problem.  There seems to be no solutions for this given on the messageboard. Help!!!

Hi ! 

I have an emergency issue! I cannot cync from endote online app as this message appears to the webofknoledge website when i try to login: 

server encountered an internal error

What can i do???