Endnote X7 Mac Sync Fail

When I sync to Endnote web I keep getting an ‘error occurred while updating reference error’. It’s trying to sync every few minutes so my day is plagued with this error box popping up;) Here’s the info:

Sync Details
Sync was last run: Thursday, August 01, 2013 at 12:01:12 PM +0100
Sync Status: There are changes that need to be sent and received.
Error Code: Server.ReferenceStore.internalError
Error Message: An error occurred while updating reference

Local Sync Library
Library Name: My References.enl
Records: 4321
Groups: 8
Attachments: 30
Username: andyf@sussex.ac.uk

Online Sync Library
Serial Number: 5051701022 (Premium until July 31, 2015)
Records: 4321
Groups: 8
Attachments: 7.71 MB

Sync Limits
Number of Records: 1000000 (995679 can still be added)
Number of Groups: 5000 (4992 can still be added)
Number of Attachments: 5.00 GB (4.99 GB can still be added)

Any suggestions?


Well, I turned in a support ticket and disabled automatic syncing. Maybe that would help in your case?

I think there’s some pretty serious trouble in EndNote sync land at least for Macs. In my case, it created a few groups in my library that I had in the online account from back when I tried EndNoteWeb, copied one reference, and then hung for many, many hours (overnight) until erroring out. Now it produces a reliable 503 sync error whenever I try to sync.

You really want to start fresh with what is online, and tech support can tell you how to do that. 

Also make sure neither the desktop nor the online have anything in their trash.  I finally got it to work with some very specific instructions from Tech Support. 

Do you mean you have to delete all of the old stuff online? I guess that’s OK, I haven’t used EndNoteWeb in at least a couple of years.

And clean the trash, that I can do but it seems rather amazing that it would be necessary.

Thanks, I’ll try those things. So far tech support just asked me for the sync status but hasn’t gotten back to me since I sent it.

NOOOOOOO – if it is linked now it will delete your desktop library as it is a two way street.  That is why you need to get specific instructions from tech support!