can't edit styles: can't add reference type

I have been using endnote for a long time. I am now using X9 on Mac.

yesterday while I was working in Word my output style (that I created) seemed to change all by itself. When I opened it in EN as if I was editing it, it had only one reference type under Footnotes/Templates which made no sense, as my styles typically have five or eight at least.

I thought it might have been corrupted so last night at home I copied a similar style from my home mac and brought it to work today. At first it worked fine but something was wrong with one reference type. When I opened it to edit, that reference type was not present under Footnotes/Templates. This did not seem right. There were only four there. The one I was looking for is not one I use much. But also missing were some that I use all the time and I feel 100% sure that they used to be in this style.

I don’t mind editing these things but what is worse is that I cannot seem to add reference types. It has been a while since I did this but I assume that I click the pick list ‘reference types’ and find the one I want (which has no check mark) and select it. When I do this, nothing happens. I cannot add a reference type.

I am worried that something is corrupt. I feel like both of these styles were corrupted somehow–I have had them for years and I know that they both had more reference types in them than they have now–and now I can’t edit them either.

I have one other mac where I might find pristine versions of these styles–I hope. 

But I am quite baffled by this performance.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

similar to this report.  I suggest you too contact tech support!

Thanks Leanne!

I called support and reported my experience in the other thread that you mentioned.