Can't Modify Reference Type

I customized a reference type (I’m using X8.2) a while ago and I just went to try to modify it.  At first, I thought I couldn’t modify it: I’d place my cursor in an empty field and there’d be no response to my typing - no cursor and the field would stay blank.   

After experimenting a bit, I discovered that the display functionality is messed up - big time.  If I moved down using the cursor keys, field names past “Type Of Work” would disappear.  They’d reappear if I scrolled with the scroll bar.  And the fields where I thought I was not entering any text DID, in fact, get the text I was typing - it just wasn’t displayed.

So: major bug, I think.  Looking forward to a correction in X8.3.

have you called tech support?  Mac or Windows and what Operating system version?  

I have not called yet, no - I’ll do that.  I’m using EndNote on Windows 10 (unsure of the version - probably the latest)