I am trying to install my new endnote X7 on Macbook pro, but getting the following error message “Microsoft word currently running, in order to install endnote u must close microsoft word and then try again”.

However, microsoft word IS NOT RUNNING ON MY COMPUTER. 

I even removed all word documents from the desktop, tried to put the computer off and do again, but to no avail. 

please help!


Hello Bish,

There may have been a running process for the Microsoft Word application open even if you did not have the software running. I would suggest starting Word, then clicking the Word menu and selecting Quit Word. Once the application is completely closed, try installing EndNote again. If the issue persists, click on the Go menu and select Utilities. Here, open the Activity Monitor. Look for Microsoft Word in the list of Process Names. Highlight the item and then click View > Quit Process. You can then force the process to Quit.

Make sure you close outlook too.