I cant install endnote

     Even after I’ve closed all programs and reboot my computer, the app didn’t install. The message appeared is: “Installation Wizard is unable to continue due to one re more of the following application(s) is running.”. Below this message appear "OpenOffice.org (Write, Calc., …) but nothing is opened. 

try rebooting, so you know none of them were ever open.  Have you run task manager to see if something is open that isn’t “visible”? I had to check and close some openoffice update piece that appeared to be open. 

OpenOffice has a feature called “Quickstart”. This needs to be turned off to install EndNote. It’s either an item under the OpenOffice program group or in the system tray (“hidden icons”). If it still doesn’t work after disabling this feature, then restart your computer.

But quickstart is often in the start list of programs which is why I needed to close it even after rebooting.  – couldn’t endnote be taught to close programs like this (after a prompt, obviously).  

Please feel free to submit that as a suggestion, Leanne!