Problem modifying Reference Types

FolIowing the instructions in the Help files, I modified Unused 1 and the changed name shows in list visible in the Endnote Preferences window.  Then I hit OK to close the window.   The modified Unused 1 is not displayed in the Reference Type list of a new reference window.  How do I make the modified reference type accessible?

Please provide the version you are using.  Questions regarding potential bugs are really hard to address when so many Endnote versions are in use in the community. 

Did you close endnote and reopen it. Sometimes changes of this kind are not reflected immediately. 

Thanks for your response.   The version is X.1 and yes to the close and reopen - several times.  Even did a shut down and restart of the computer.  Had two other people familiar with Endnote check to see if they could figure out  what I might have not done or did wrong.  They went through the same procedure (as listed in the Help file) and had the same result.

You need to be sure that both the Author and Year field are also populated. See the attached screen.

Jason Rollins

Thank you. That definitely was the needed information.