can't retrieve references

the question has been asked before, but the archivesso far have not given me the right tipp to solve my problem: I can retrieve references via WoS or other databases and endnote X4 shows me the number of hits. however, when I click “ok”, endnote returns to the mask without showing me the list of references. I know the difference between online/offline mode, changing between them does not change anything.

thanks for any tipps,


the couple of times i tried it (with x2, x3) it sometimes took a while to retrieve 10 references (20secs for the first, 1,5mins for the other 9)

might be just that?

(but may just be the connection-speed for me at work)

have you taken a look at what the connection status window says? (Window->Show connection status->Status messages)

would imagine if there was some kind of error, that it would show up there