can't retrieve references

I have a problem with endnote X4, I have the all the updates.

I can search for references on line  and it comes up with a number of found references in a small info pane,  but endnote does not retrieve these references inot my library. If I use an old library from a previous version and update it for X4 then I have no problem. It only happens when starting a  new library. Is there some setting that is not enabled?

I have been through the help section and it is just taken for granted that the references will be retrieved. My colleague also just starting endonote X4 and she has exactly the same problem.

Any ideas

Which Mode are you working in?  - If a new library, it is defaulted to the “integrated” and usually refs are automatically all entered into your library, where your existing library is probably set to “library only” and “online only” modes and you need to manually select and move from the online list to the main library.  Is that possible? 

It seems to be a variant on the problem described in

but so far as I can see there never was a complete solution to that, although the specifically medline-related glitch was fixed.