X5s handling of connection to WoS

In my institution we use several different Versions of Endnote (8 to X5).

Now with X5 it seems that we can’t connect with Web of Science (the Online-search in Endnote) anymore?

Always getting the “No matching references found”-Message for a search that gives results in at least X and X2.

E.g. i still have X2 installed besides X5 and a search for author “smith” gives me >100k results. But if i switch to X5 and use the same connection-file i get the mentioned error. A colleague has the same with X and X5

The settings in X2 and X5 seem to be the same (only think the Isi Base URL could change the handling of a connection to WoS?)

the necessary cookie is set (the one that gets created when going via IE to the WoS-site and using the institution-login).

(else i wouldn’t be able to get results in X or X2).

I haven’t found any notice at http://endnote.com/support/ENX501_WinMac_updater.asp about changes to how using connection-files are handled.

And the WoS-connection-file (“Web of Science (TS)”) hasn’t changed (i downloaded it nonetheless from endnote.com again and used it in the mentioned Endnote-Versions, results the same).

I just tried it with X3 and i get results there too. I don’t have access to X4 so can’t check it there.

(Tried to put in our institution-login-data in the connection file directly, still no results)

(my old thread and its solution to it (the cookie in IE) doesn’t apply this time, as the cookie is there and used with X, X2, X3)

Is there maybe a difference how IE9 handles the cookies and X5 was changed in that regard?

(We use IE8 as we still have Windows XP on all our machines.)

The knowledge based article here, http://kbportal.thomson.com/display/2/kb/article.aspx?aid=82208&n=1&docid=37229 would imply that there hasn’t been a change to the handling,. 

But maybe the version needs to have the WoS registered with the EndnoteWeb Account?  see this KnowledgeBase article?  (Deleted link, cause they don’t work) (text below) to see if this is the problem?

EndNote: Register for Endnote Web Account included in X2.0.1 and later

With EndNote X2 and later , you are eligible for a two year subscription to EndNote Web, but it must be set up through the EndNote Desktop software. First, you must have at least EndNote X2.0.1. Go to the Help menu and choose check for updates to get the latest updates for EndNote. Without the update patch, EndNote X2 cannot create EndNote Web accounts. With EndNote X2.0.1 or later  installed, a splash screen appears when opening the program for the first time about EndNote Web. You can to apply for the subscription there.

If you chose not to at that time, you can register for an account from within EndNote.

Windows XP/Vista/7

  1. Open EndNote.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click Preferences.
  4. Click EndNote Web.
  5. Click Register or Activate. 

Macintosh OS X

  1. Open EndNote.
  2. Click the EndNote Menu.
  3. Click Preferences.
  4. Click EndNote Web.
  5. Click Register or Activate.

This should allow you to register for the EndNote Web account.

How this works is that the product key used to install the software is transmitted to the EndNote Web service, which checks the product key against other EndNote Keys for uniqueness. Assuming the key is unique, or belongs to a Site/Volume license, the user is allowed to create an EndNote Web account. When a “single user” version is used to create the EndNote Web account, no other users will be able to create an EndNote Web account with EndNote installed with that product key.

those two links are session-bound, so can’t access them.

but at least the 2nd one shouldn’t apply as i have an EndenoteWeb-Account. The login-informations are put into the Endnote-preferences (in both versions i have)

Also tried it with login in via IE and Firefox with the EndnoteWeb into WoS (in case another cookie is needed), nothing changed.

so reason for our disability to connect with WoS-Science via the connection file is due to us not using the ip-authentification but a login-based one (apparently nearly noone does it that way).

In past Versions the created cookie from the login was what allowed Endnote to connect to WoS.

I’ve got an answer from the support that the software was never intended to work that way, but it simply did. And it was changed in either X4 or X5.

They are trying to add it back in a future version (apparently X7 or later).

So we can either change nothing and just use the WoS-Site and export the references to endnote (and wait for a future version where it may be changed back), or switch to ip-authentification.