Cant save new references

I am using endnote web, and recently there were updates. since then when i try to collect a new reference by typing in info for articles etc. i have no icon at the bottom of the page to click SAVE, so i cant add new references. there used to be my groups with checkboxes next to them but no longer. help.

What kind of updates?  Is it possible that the program lost its registration number and and is running in expired trial mode? 

aha, maybe they weren’t updates, for instance i used to simply type info into slots (better term?) and now the window expands when 

i type and offers options like Bold, underline like this stuff right above this box… although i can still import references from online, i cant save the ones i type in.

i suspect my free trial has run out? what do i do now? can i export these referecnces to a purchased version?

Hello - There is a new auto-save on the New Reference page with the recent release. If you type in any field and then click out of the field, you should see a “saving…” message. You just have to add data in one field to save the record. At that point, you can expand the Groups section and add it to a group.

We will look to improve this experience in the next release as I can see how it could be confusing.

Best regards,

Mathilda, the EndNote team

Thanks Mathilda, after i type in the field and leave it does say “saving”, however when i click on one of my groups it shows me what is contained in that library.  however, i can find the reference in the “unfiled” rubric and save it that way. thanks