How about a version of myendnoteweb that is not cumbersome to use and doesn't have bugs in it?

For example, don’t put a limit on the number of references you can see on a page; switching between pages is cumbersome.

For example, when you add a new reference, when you finish typing in a an edit box, you should be able to click in a different box and start typing (at the moment I need to click TWICE, once to get out of the current box, once to get into the desired box. This is cumbersome.

For example, when I click the ‘save’ button when adding a new reference, sometimes it displays the message ‘Reference is saved.’ At other when I click on the save button no message is displayed. How am I meant to know if it saves or not?

For example, you can’t just select text in a box when editing a new reference, you need to click in the box first. If you do select the text in the box without clicking first (for example, if you wanted to delete it) and you then hit ‘backspace’ it completely jumps out of the editing screen and back to somewhere else (for example, unfiled list). Very annoying and cumbersome. 

If I go to do an online search for a reference, and I have only one ‘favorite’ in my favorite’s list, selected it already, don’t make me use a menu to select something from a list that has only one member.

When I do an online search, say from pubmed, and it pulls a single reference, sometimes it shows the reference, sometimes it makes me go through a ‘step 3 of 3’: and makes me retrive the reference. As far as I can tell I am doing identical behaviors and getting two different responses, one of which is completely unnecessary, and having inconsistant behavior is just bizzare.

This is short list of issue I have found; the whole online system is cumbersome to use and feels poorly designed.