Can't see references in Endnte online library

I am unable to see the references in my Endnote online library. I can see my groups in the left-hand panel and each group shows the number of references. But the main panel is blank.

I’m using MacOS 10.13.3 and Endnote X8.2.

Can someone please advise how to view the references.

Thank you

Yes, I can never see all my references.  I can only view references in individual groups by selecting them, in online version. 

Maybe we are both doing something wrong? 

workaround: I wonder if I just need to create a group that manually includes all my references?  – would have to remember to add new records as I add them to the library though.    

Mind you, it probably isn’t that important, since you find things by searching anyway?  - but I will continue to stick with the desktop version.