can't update references


I am using “cite while you write” in Word for a while using Vancouver style and everything was ok.

Last Wednesday the references stopped updating, and when I insert a citation it shows the name of the article in { }.

I’ve already tried to update and convert citations and bibliography, the instant formatting is ON and the Alt F9 key, but nothing works.

It seems to be a problem on this document, because when I open a new Word document the cite while you write works fine, but when I copy and paste my text to a new document it doesn’t work. I have over 130 references, can’t star a new document.

What should I do?

Thank you


You said you used the vancouver output style.  I was wondering whether you edited this output style or saved an edited copy.

It might have to do a bit with your output style.

If you edited the Vancouver output style and save a copy, it may work.

Try - edit output style, Vancouver.

On the left hand side, click on citations

Check that the citations are set to:

(Bibliography Number)

Author (Bibliography Number)

Or you may delete and insert these fields from scratch.

Then save and close.

Open up Word, change your output style to the style name that you just edited

And then click on Update Citations and Bibliography

The other thing could be is that it is extracting citations from your Travelling Library rather than your Endnote Library.

Click on edit and manage citations and check where the citations are coming from.  You might have inserted some citations without having your Endnote library open




I was wondering whether this could have anything to do with a glitch in your output style.

One option:

Try saving a copy of the vancouver style

Try - Edit Output style<Vancouver

On the left hand side click on Citations, then Templates

Ensure that citations are set as following:

(Bibliography Number)

Author (Bibliography Number)

Or try inserting these fields from scratch

Then Save as and give the new output style a name

Go back to word document, change the citation style to the edited style

Click on Update Citations and Bibliography

The other option:

These citations appearing with curly brackets and article titles could be temporary citations that are coming from your travelling library not your endnote library

Click on insert citation, or edit and manage citation that opens up the database where you can see where the reference is coming from and transfer into your Endnote library if it is coming from a travelling library


thank you for your help.



thank you for your help!

I’m just wondering, did my advice work?  Are your references and document okay now?