Vancouver style not working anymore


I’m using the EndNote basic since a few days. The Cite while you Write application worked without any problems and I always used the Vancouver style for my Bibliographie. But since today I still can select Vancouver style but as soon as I want to insert an author by clicking on “Insert citation” in the Word program, there comes a window where it says, that I can not use Vancouver style anymore because I have not selected it and my cication appears like this {…}. But I DID select Vancouver style in the Endnote window in my Word file. 

Please help me out. I’m scared that I’ll lose all my references i’ve collected online on EndNote…

Can you provide any screen shots?  Endnote Basic (online) not desktop?  

Now the situation is: i can not select from different styles in my cite while you write link in my Word document. Only the J Pediatrics style is showing up. 

i’ll provide some screen shots as soon as i’ve found out how to do that :wink:

If online, it may be that you need to re-establish your permissions with your institution?  see here

actually i only use EndNote since one week and i checked - it hasn’t expired yet. but thank you for your try!!!