EndNote doesn't recognise Ref after changing output style to square brackets

Hi, once my article was almost complete I changed the output style of Vancouver to [square brackets], as this was the requirement of the journal. This worked except that it also added squares within the brackets that I needed to manually delete (not ideal but manageable). Now if I want to add a new reference, it sets all the previous ones to [1] registering it as an invalid citation, and marks the new Ref. as [2]. I’ve tried setting it back to the regular Vancouver, but then it also changes all Ref. to (1). Any ideas what the issue/solution could be? I really want to avoid needing to manually insert these or leaving them out all together…

Not exactly sure what is going on, unless perhaps you have the temporary delimiters are set to square brackets rather than curly brackets and Endnote is trying to interpret the inserted fields as new endnote temporary citations.

It helps to know which exact version of Endnote you are using.

Try making a copy of your document, and turn of autoformating and unformat the citations and bibliography to temporary citations. What do they look like (should be something like

{Surname, Year #523}

If they are square brackets, then you will want to edit>preferences - Temporary Citations delimiters to be {curly} not [square].

I happen to have a Vancouver Square output style.
Vancouver Square.ens (33.2 KB)