Endnote references now all changing. HELP!

Hi All,

I have been using endnote to reference with vancouver style, and this has been fine until tonight where things started to go crazy.

When i need to add a reference to a statement- for example [5-11] it suddenly changes things to [Ayan, 2012 #4;Ayán, 2012 #6;Ayan, 2014 #12;Pompeu, 2013 #8;Sage, 2011 #7;Zotz, 2013 #9;da Silva, 2013 #52;Pérez-de la Cruz, 2016 #73] adding all the authors when the output style says it will not. 

Both my word 2013 states vancouver square bracket in output style ( customised this 6 months ago) and my endnote output states the same. So where has it all gone wrong? I haven’t changed a thing! When I go back and check the output style in endnote it states [reference number]- as it should be. 

Any ideas would be great as anything i do doesn’t seem to change it. And it is driving me nuts- I can’t move forward!

The document has only reverted to unformated temporary citations for some reason.  Keep Calm, Don’t panic! This can happen if you inadvertantly hit Alt+4, for example.   

Look at the endnote ribbon in your word document (see attached JPG) – Vancover still selected (you can click dropdown and select it, if not).  Is “Instant formating On”?  or “Off”  (turn it on, by clicking that option) – you can leave it off and “Update Citations and Bibliography”.  

If none of that works, come back.  


That did the trick- thank you so much!