Capitalization in EndNote web

If a style is set to have headline capitalization does anyone know if there is a way to set exceptions for acronyms etc. in EndNote Web as there is in the desktop EndNote? For example I might want “Adventures in the US” which at the moment would come out as Adventures in the Us.

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EndNote Web does not currently have a Change Case option like the desktop software to set capitalization exceptions. You can certainly submit this as a product suggestion using the Feedback link from your EndNote Web account or through this Forum Group:

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Hi. Now, five years later from these messages, I have the same problem with capitalization. Has this characteristic added to End Note web? If not, any suggestion? 

Thanks in advance. 


Or is there in End Note Web a way to simply stay capitalization in the same way it’s introduced in the program? I have read a lot of posts about this topic, but all of them seem to apply only for End Note for desktop.