Capitalization in Chicago 15th A style

I’m trying to use Chicago 15th A style for a project, and have been running into difficulty with capitalization. The style forces title case for everything, which is great in most cases, because I’ve got records imported from libraries and journals which vary widely in their capitalization. The problem is that it title-cases some words – generally acronyms – which absolutely should not be title-cased, such as HIV, AIDS, OR, making them “Hiv,” “Aids,” “Or,” and so forth. I know there’s a way to modify the style to use the exact capitalization used in the record, but that’s no use because I would have to edit 500 records to conform to title case. What I need is a “stop-words” list which would mandate that certain terms be capitalized exactly as they are on the list.

Has anyone else run into this problem and/or found a workaround?

Sincerely, Jonathan Cohen


Your solution is

Endnote Menu>



Select “Change case” from the list

Here you can input words that your system will ignore.  These are caSe SeNsitive.  So, if you put in hiv, endnote will never capatalize it.  Likewise, if you put in HIV, with that spelling and case in the title will remain unchanged.  Any missed entries, however, you’ll have to go in and change the record by hand.  Once changed, however, you are in the clear.

I use a lot of chemical names and such in my references; dealing with that was a nightmare until I figured this out.  Its still bad dream, however, since I must train endnote to ignore case changes on every single chemical name I could ever input.  It is better, however, than having to change the title cases of every record in the list.

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