Categorizing a bibliography and sorting differently for each category


I use Endnote X, and I’ve got a library in which there are 1.Primary literature, 2. Secondary literature, and 3.Manuscripts. 

I succeed in categorizing my bibliography by using this topic: So I’ve got now 3 labels (1Primary literature, 2. Secondary literature, and 3.Manuscripts, and my bibliography is sorting with those labels. 

But I don’t want to sort the books (label 1 and 2) as I sort the manuscripts (Label 3). In fact, I would like to sort 1 and 2 by Author + Year + Title, and the Label 3 by City+ Library/Archive+ Volume/Storage Container + Manuscript Number+ folio number.

Indeed, for manuscripts, what is useful to konw is the library and the classification marks.

How to do that? 


I can’t recall if EndNote X has the “groups” function but if so, could you disaggregate the references by their labels or references into groups, then perform sorting functions within those groups?  The smarts group function would help as well although this feature may have been a post-EndNote X addition.  Besides the group function, is it crucial that all the references are contained within a single library or could you disaggregate them into separate libraries?

As long as the other categories don’t have those fields, you could list them before the Author, Year.  For that, you will probably need to use custom fields for the manuscript specific fields you want to sort on first (for example, books would have a City, already). 



Unfortunately, X didn’t have any grouping functions, that was added in X1.

I’m SICK of Endnote. I don’t want to create library for each type of sources.  Moreover, it would be absolutely useless in my case, because Endnote is just UNABLE to sort bibliography by Libray/Archive and Storage container, etc.

It means Endnote is USELESS  for historians like me. 

I’ll now use MY HANDS for my bibliographies. It will be more effective and rapid.

Thank you.