How to display primary and secondary literature in different reference lists

I am working on a document for which I have to cite primary and secondary references. At the end of the document both types of references should appear in two separate lists. Is this possible in EndNote X? If not, can it be done in the current version?


It might be possible to generate the separate lists but this method involves Smart Groups which I can’t recall is a feature in EndNote X but it certainly is available iin the recent software version.  The steps involve: 1) coding each reference to identify whether it is a primary or secondary resource (see image1), 2) generating a Smart Group for each coded ID (primary, secondary) see image 2, and 3) generating a separate reference list based on each Smart Group (see image3) which is converted to a text format (to remove the EndNote codes), and finally 4) copy and paste the reference list into the main document.


An alternative approach can be used in the document itself, but still requires using a field to distinguish between the two kinds of references.  The first grouping should have a word or letter the precedes that used for the second group.  The output style should use that field as the first sorting criteria.  Then the rest of the sorting would remain as it currently is.  This should separate the two groups. - although it won’t put in a separation between the two groups, that can be added at the end, just before submission.  Then it might be easier to unlink the fields on a copy of manuscript at that time. 

See this FAQ at Queensland which explains this far more eloquently than I have.