Change Chicago 15th to NOT display bibliography; need to display notes ONLY

I am using (a now heavily edited) Chicago 15th that reflects my heavy use of manuscript materials and interviews and I don’t want to use a different style after doing so much work to it. However, I can not get it to stop displaying a full bibliography in addition to the notes, and that is not my publisher’s style. Can anyone help me turn off the auto-bibliography feature. I’ve tried everything I can think of! Thanks for any ideas!

Unclear if the Notes field is included in your bibliography templates but have you tried deleting all of the bibliography templates including the Generic template, save the cehanges as a new output style then applying this style?

In the footnote template settings, there is an option to include the citations in the bibliography or not.  You want to untick the box.  Easier than clearing all the Bibliography templates. 

This worked! Thanks!