Removing bibliography (reference list) from style.


I’m trying to figure out how to change a style so that it only includes footnotes with no bibliography output. There used to be a check box that would do this on the bibliography -> templates section but I can’t find such a checkbox in EN20.

Any help would be much appreicated.

In X9, I see the option to “include citations in bibliography” in the output style’s  footnote template menu.  (see Chicago 16th footnote no-bibliography style – I have one which doesn’t generate a bibliography in my collection.) I don’t have Endnote20 to check for you but did you look under the footnote template? 

Note added:  I see this output style doesn’t include a bibliography as an example.  

TF-K Chicago footnotes only 

That’s done it! Thank you, I’m not sure why they moved the box but I appreciate the help.