change my endnote library in MS word

How can I change my endnote library in MS Word?  Originally, my thesis chapter link up with the old endnote library, which is located in my desktop computer.  However, I am now save all my work in my portable hard-disk and thus I can work with my notebook anywhere.  The problem, here, is how can I link up my work with the copied endnote library which is now stored in my portable hard-disk?  How to change the link of the endnote library in my MS word file?


You can do this by opening the new copy of the library along with the document.  You can then format the document with that library. This will update the document so that it is associated with the new library.

How do I format the document to use a particular library? I’ve created a new library and imported a lot of references from an older one. However, when I try to use CWYW, the Find and Insert dialogue box shows no library (at the bottom, it says “Library:”).

It really doesn’t matter?  

It will look at what ever library is open and if the citated record is not in that library (or libraries, if multiple are open), it will “remember” the details from the “traveling library” which is embedded in the word document.

Hmmm… I have the populated library open, and when I search for a citation, the dialogue window doesn’t seem to be using any library at all. Perhaps it is related to the “travelling library” concept?

It works now… I had the library open before and it didn’t find it, but this is a brand-new install and a reboot may have been the fixer. Thanks for the help.