I renamed my library - how do I change 'library used'

Last year I made the unfortunate decision of renaming my library.  I have just had to go into an old draft paper in MS Word to insert some new references, however, the bibliography won’t regenerate because the ‘library used’ is listed as the old library name.  How do I get this MS Word file to point to the new library name?  All the reference numbers should be the same - just more references in the library with the new name. 

I thought this would be a reasonably common question but I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere - perhaps there is a bit of terminology for how one does this that I am missing and therefore I’m not searching on the correct keyword(s)?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Just open the newly named library.  Endnote will look there for the matches, no problem. 

I have a similar problem and need urgent help.

Can´t use Cite While You Write, because it can´t find my library. I have the toolbar, and i have my endnote (x7) library open, but word can´t find the library. Where do I add it?

I´m on an iMac, using Word for mac (2011) and Endnote x7.

Any help is appreciated, and the master thesis is due in two weeks, so it´s pretty urgent.

Thank you.

close endnote and open it from the toolbar in word?  – maybe you have the wrong Endnote ver toolbar active in Word?