Using an exported Endnote traveling library in an MS word document that has a pre-existing Endnote library already assigned

Hello Endnote community,

I’d like feedback on an issue related to traveling libraries exported from an MS Word file. I’ve exported a library from a Word document and created a new library for it --Endnote library X for Word file X

I have also a copy of that MS Word file which has another Endnote library assigned to it – Endnote library Y for Word file Y.

What I would like to do is to apply the traveling library from Word file X to Word file Y, writing over the Endnote library associated with Word file Y. 

Is that possible? If so, please indicate the steps to do this. 

Some notes: I’m using Endnote X9 for mac, MS Word for mac 2011. 

Many thanks, 

Assuming I have understood the problem correctly:
Open Library X in Endnote and open Document Y in Word.
When you select the “Update Citations and Bibliography” function in Word, the document will be linked to the open library.

Does this solve the problem?

I tend to use accession number rather than record number in my temporary citations settings. (most of my records were downloaded from PubMed, and the accession number is included in the records). Then both libraries will match your inserted citations when you update citations and bibliography.  Otherwise, it will probably retain the “traveling library” version of the citation. I really try not to create a library specific to each paper though.