Change one Reference used into another?


I got this problem, wich I coudln´t solve.

In my Text I got a citation of a reference wich I now want to be changed into another reference. The prob is that I don´t know were in the text it is and how often I citated it. As the Text is very long and I need to do this with a couple of references I´m looking for an easy way to fix it.

In short words, is there the posibility to say endnote: Replace “Reference A” by “Reference B”?

Using Endnote X1 with Word2003 on WinXP 

Thx for the help folks


Not thru Endnote. 

The easiest way, would be to unformat the references in the manuscript, to their curly bracketed state, do a search and replace in Word and then reformat the references.  so if it was {Smith, 2008 #125} and you wanted them to be {Brown, 2007 #198} you would just search for the first {Smith, 2008 #125} and replace with the second {Brown, 2007 #198}. 

Inserting the new reference when CWYW is off, would be an easy way to get the precise replacement text.  You could copy it/cut it from there and past into the replace with field. 

After all this, you will need to manually turn on CWYW thru the 3rd tab in the Format Bibliography menu/window. 


thx for answering so fast.

I´d find an other way to do it. 

At first I unformated my ref list. Then I deleted (copy them into a new bib would be possible also i think) the ref´s i don´t needed anymore  from my bib.

Now I formated the ref. list again, endnote couldn´t find the deleted ref´s and ask me what to do.

I could either ignore or search a matching ref by myself.

sorry for the bad english, but I hope you get the point.