How to update the reference in Endnote from DOC file.

I was obessed with such a problem:

I have created a libirary in Endnote, but there are several references were inputed manually.  the name fomat of reference inputted  are wrong, so, if in word, update reference, the bad will emerge.

I changed it in Word, but the orginal in Endnote will not change correspondingly. and if I quit Word, and open the file again, the bad format will emerge again.

I want to know, If I change a reference in Word, how to give a information to Endnote, and make a change synchronously.

I am not exactly sure what you are encountering, but there are two ways I think should solve your problem.  The first, is to completely unformat the document (select all and unformat -DO NOT “REMOVE” endnote links- best to do this on a copy to ensure you don’t accidently hit the wrong button although endnote tries to protect you by requesting/requiring you to provide a new name) and remove the residual bibliography and correct your reference and then reformat (format bibliography) and in that dialog re-engage CWYW from the third tab.  You can also do this on a reference group basis.  -unformat the group of references and then fix it and reformat.  You can’t just “fix”’ a formated reference, or endnote replaces it with the field information and, worse, you risk corrupting the document. 

To answer Tritiger’s original question, there is no two-way communication between Word and EndNote. (At least, not that I know about.) You need to make your corrections in your EndNote library.

There is a link from a formated reference back to the endnote library.  It both on the toolbar, and available from the drop down Tools>Endnote tools menu.  It is “Edit Library Reference(s)”.  If you are in the field and activate this - it will take you to the library and you can make changes to the Endnote library directly, and it is reflected in the citation, even if you change the author name/spelling. 

Is this the functionality that you are looking for?  I don’t use it often.