change text from "empty" to text


I have a lot of references without a keyword and now I would like to use the “change text” function to search for empty keyword fields and fill them with text. But the “change text” function also needs text in the “search for” field. How can I find and replace empty keyword fields with text?


I suggest that you temporarily add the field “keywords” to your library display (thru edit preferences) and then you can click on the keywords bar at the top, and it will sort them alphabetically with the empty ones at the top.  If you know they all get the same text, you can then select them and used the move or change field to add text to all the selected (and I ensure they are the only records showing by hiding the others, just to be sure).   I have used the strategy of adding blank and then doing searches like “dolphin” in all fields and “blank” in keywords and then replace the keyword field with the “move and change field” command to “dolphin”. 

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another way is to use regular search function, by choosing “keywords” from field pull down, then choose “IS” from the search algorithm pulldown, then leave the text entry box as blank. This search will show only references that doens’t have anything in keywords field. Then, use “change filed function” to enter something to all the references displayed.