Find and replace empty fields with same text

I would like to find and replace the NAME OF DATABASE field which is curerntly BLANK with the name of the database that the reference was imported. The find and replace funtion does not seem to allow for BLANK field in the way WORD docs will allow. Rather than entering this data in the field manually for 60 refernces it would be great to use find and replace. Does anyone have a work around for this?

Many thanks !

Can you show the database field in the library display window, sort on it bringing blanks to the top, select those records, and then show only those references, (right click and it is an option, show selected).  

Now use the change/copy/move tool to add or replace the the database name in the appropriate field.  

I have images of each step attached.  

Hi Leanne that worked perfectly ! Thanks so much and as I already had the group of references in a seperate group was even easier - brilliant - the screenshots were very helpful !