Changing document output style

I could not find a suitable output style, so made my own. However I cant get it to change in the document. What am I doing wrong? Using Word 2003 and RefMan11.

Another issue is that I have worked out how to remove authors from certain citations

eg, In author’s (year) study bla, bla, bla

what I want now is to sometimes be able to reference a page number when I am quoting. But only for that moment, so if I reference the same author later, I dont want the page number to appear again.

eg AuthorA  (year, page quoted from) justifies that “bla, bla, bla” opposing views that blu, blu, blu mainteined by others(AuthorB year; AuthorC year). In spite of the conflict, both sides agree that bli bli bli (AuthorA year; AuthorB year; AuthorC year).

Sorry I know the example is not good, but I hope it conveys the meaning. I quote Author A twice, but I want to reference page numbers differently.

Many thanks for your help.