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I was trying to change the font of the author separator field to match the style of my journal.  The journal is Journal of Mammalogy which your style reference has many errors, but one in particular that is quite frustrating is the AND and ET AL  author lists of the bibliography segment.  This journal requires all text to be in small capitalization and right now, it only comes out as full capitalization.  When editing the style, we are denied the option to change the font in both the author lists and editor lists.  

The only solution now is to do this outside of Endnote by removing the coding and then doing a find/replace.  Problem is that each time I export this document to pass on to people/publishers I would have to remember to do that.  

RE: Case #TS-01516124:Unable to change Journal title to uppercase:ref:_00D30un._50070ZtcMI:ref

I was told to go to this site to report problems to developers–they can go to the case number. I haave already reported this and was told there was no solution. Part of the problem rests with the journals that each want to have their own special style…silly. Below is my report. Basically, they need to fix either the style.ens for the journal or modify the ability to change fields when editing a style. Too late now, I need to submit the paper!

Subject: Unable to change Journal title to uppercase
Description: I am trying to match the citation style of the Journal called “Stem Cells”
The instructions to authors state that the journal title should be all bold caps (Not small caps). When I edit the template to bold (using the fonts dialogue box), I successfully get bold Journal titles. I cannot successfully edit to all caps. If I re-write the word Journal as JOURNAL, or I highlight journal, then right-click to ask to uppercase, then when formatting my references the bibliography output replaces the journal title with the word JOURNAL in upper case bold.
I have reloaded the Stem cell.ens (which is obviously not properly formatted for the journal) and tried different ways to change the upper case, but I cant change the result.
I have generally been successful with editing output to match the particularly journal styles when the endnote.ens are not correct, but after 2 hours, i am stumped. Please help! Thanks, Steven Brody

Hi brody,

It occurs to me, while we don’t have a technical fix for this issue, there is a workaround that would result in a bibliography set up the way you’re looking for.  Unfortunately, the way the style files work there’s no way to make a given field show up in ALL CAPS, other than the options for Author/Editor names.  However, the Journals Terms List feature does allow for substitution of the journal name.  You’ll just need to do a little bit of work to set it up for this unique need.  Our Terms List KB article is available here:

The files in the Terms List folder mentioned are simply text files.  As such, if you use a text editing program like Word or NotePad++, you can change the terms to be all in caps.  Once that’s done, you can follow the above KB article to have your journal names substituted from that list, importing your modified text file instead of the standard ones.  I’d strongly recommend saving your modified text file with a different name.

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