How to edti journal names: change to capital letter

Hi everybody,

I would like to cite the Journal of Biogeography.

My reference in my library shows that Journal of B iogeography (in the section journal) is written in capital letters. However in m bibliography in word it’s always written in small form letters Journal of b iogeography. Why? and where can I change it.

I’m using Endnote4X on Mac, Word 2011

Thank you

Try checking the “Title Capitalization” of the J Biogeography output style to see if the setting is: Leave titles as entered. It maybe that it’s been set to a “sentence style” capitalization which capitalizes just the first word (Journal).

To check the Title Capitalization setting:

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Edit > Output Styles > Edit J Biogeography.

  2. In the J Biogeography dialog box click “Title Capitalization” and “Leave titles as entered”. (Refer to attached image).

  3. Close the output style which will save the changes as “J Biogeography Copy”. Change EndNote and MS Word to use the new output style file.

Bibliography Title Capitalization.gif

CrazyGecko’s answer would make sense if this was happening to all the journal titles, but not just this one.

I will bet money that the autosettings have pulled the Journal and Alt Journal fields into your Journal Terms list, and it is replacing the field due to directions in the output style to replace the Journal with an alternative from your Journals Terms list. 

If my interepretation is correct,  then you need to either edit your terms list, or edit the output style along the lines recommended by CG,or change the style to “as entered” rather than to replace with an abbreviation or full name. 

This will help: 

Tools > Open Term Lists > Journals Term List > Search for Journal and edit as you wish. 


This will help: 

Tools > Open Term Lists > Journals Term List > search Journal and edit as you wish. 


Just to get the current actual instructions on Journal terms into this thread:

You are amazing. This was really annoying me. Thank you so much