Different title capitalization for different types of references


I have a journal where the reference format is to have journal titles with “sentence style” capitalization, but for books the title is all caps.  When I edit the output format for this journal (the journal is Icarus) I can only change the capitalization style for all types of references.  I would also like to be able to use abbreviations for publishers (for books, not just journal titles), but that is a minor point.   Does anyone know how to do these things?

I am using Endnote 7 which is know is ancient.


Like EndNote 7, the current version of EndNote (X3 )also does not permit formatting (i.e., capitalization, lower-case) for fields within the individualized style templates - which is needed to address your problem.  Since this option is unavailable, the next to consider is manually capitalizing the book titles in the corresponding entries in your library.  This will generate the capitalization of book titles but will create other problems when/if you later need to generate a list where sentence style is preferred. 

Another option might be to have the book entries in your library maintain the sentence style capitalization and insert them into your document as usual along with generating the reference list.  Then convert the document to text (to remove the EndNote field codes (save a backup copy of your original document before doing so as once the codes are removed you won’t be able to put them back in).  After the document is converted to text, you could manually go through the list and use MS Word’s capitization option to change the sentence style book titles to uppercase.  (Assuming you are using MS Word and it may depend upon what version you’re using.)

Not a neat fix but until EndNote allows formatting capability for fields within the style templates, you may need to resort to creative self-solutions.  (You can also toss the idea on the product suggestions part of the EndNote forum for the developers to consider.)

We routinely enter books in headline style, and journal articles in sentence style.  We don’t do too many books so it isn’t too much of a problem.  When books need to be headline, we set the style to Bibliography >Title Capitalization “don’t change” and when they need to be sentence style, change that setting to “sentence cap”.  

Not neat, but it usually works.  

But most of the publishers that have this kind of requirement have editors that are quite capable of sorting it out for you at the end.  – focus on your prose, and get as close as you can in matching the host of variations that publishers come up with!

Has there been any change in Endnote’s capabilities in this area? (Yes, I’m having to make these modifications by hand too.) It’s been over 10 years since the last posting.

Thanks for the feedback!

If anything, I think it may have gotten worse in Endnote20… but I haven’t updated, so I only have some complaints to go by, where sentence case/Headline case may no longer be an option.