Changing Page Numbers in Footnote Citations

Apologies if this has been covered numerous times (I imagine it has), but I’ve been trying for hours to do this with no luck.

I’m using MLA but the issue seems to exist with any style I’ve tried.

I want to be able to edit the page number that shows up in the footnote for an in-text citation from a range of pages to a single page. I read that the ‘edit citation’ feature generally doesn’t work in this scenario, except for adding pages, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Does anyone know a workaround without converting to manual editing?

Any help appreciated. 



Could you describe how you are trying to edit the footnote so it contains a single page number? The reason is that the MLA output style contains the Cited Pages field in both the footnote and in-text citation templates which enable designating a range of page numbers or a single page number. So I’m unclear as to why you are encountering difficulties. Page numbers can be changed by editing the footnote/in-text citation to change the page numbers shown in the Suffix field (see attached image 1).

Another method for editing footnotes and in-text citations is to change them to temporary citations then edit the page number. (From the Endnote tab in the MS Word ribbon, click and select “Convert to Unformatted Citations” (see attached image 2). The page number is preceded by “@” sign into the temporary citations like this:

{Akshoomoff, 2002 #82@145-155}

Then change the page numbers however as needed (this example deletes the upper range number): {Akshoomoff, 2002 #82@145}

When you click “Update Citations and Bibliography” the citation will be displayed properly along with the page number (see image 3).

Hi there,

Many thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to resolve the issue. Maybe I’m doing something wrong at a basic level. I’ll outline my steps. By the way I’m using Endnote X7.4 for the Mac, not the PC. I’m using Office for Mac 2011.

The output style in Endnote is set as MLA.

I add a footnote in Word.

Within the footnote itself, I insert a citation from the Endnote menu at the top of Word.

I right click on the citation within the footnote, and click ‘edit citation’. 

I try to change the page numbers by adding them in as a suffix, and nothing changes when I update the bibliography. No ‘edit citation’ features work when I edit a citation that’s in the footnote.

I also tried your second suggestion, which I thought would work, but it didn’t. It simply added the page numbers into the ‘page numbers’ box in ‘edit citation’.

The attachments relate to the step-by-step methods I tried above. Any further suggestions welcome.



Thanks for the information. I’m running Endnote X7.4 and MS Word 2010 and haven’t experienced any problems editing footnotes/citations generated by the MLA output style. Suggest you contact tech support as this might be a Mac-related issue.

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Thanks again. I’ll ask tech support, and hopefully they can help.