Endnote X error in edit citations field

I am using Endnote X, but am still a novice at it.  There was over a year hiatus in my use of the program. Recently I have been inserting page numbers into my footnotes using the “edit citations, pages.”  But I’ve come up against a strange problem.  I keep adding in 122, n. 34  and the text appears in the footnote as 122, n. 134.  I’ve deleted and reinserted the bibliographic citation a several times each time changing the text to 122, n. 34 and each time it displays in my document footnote as 122, n. 134.  Any suggestions?


This is because of a setting in the output style. Go to EndNote, click on Edit>Output Styles>Edit “[Name of style]”

When the style edit window opens, go to the “Page Numbers” section.

I think you will find that “Show the full range of pages” is checked. You need to check “Don’t change page numbers”.

Close the edit window and save the changes.

But be aware that all the references in your EndNote library must have the full page range in the Pages field if they are to comply with the requirements of that style. EndNote will not longer do that for you.

Thank you so much.  This solved the problem.  I have another question about the edit citations field if you don’t mind.  No matter what I type into the “suffix” or “prefix” fields, nothing appears in my text.  I was told that these fields would only display in the body of the text and not in the footnote.  But nothing displays anywhere.  Is this a bug?  It would be very useful to be able to type information into these fields, for examply “on the question of …, see” [citation] who treats the problem of…

The “Prefix” and “Suffix” boxes only work with output styles configured to produce citations in the text (e.g. APA, Harvard, Chicago 15B). They won’t work with output styles configured to produce references in footnotes (e.g. Chicago 15A).

The normal procedure is to type the prefix text in the footnote and then insert the reference using EndNote.

Thank you for the solution to both problems.