Changing the numbering format in Word

I would like to change the citation numbering format from 1. to (1). Does anyone know how to do this?

yes, – you would either edit the output style you are using – or find an output style that matches your needs.  I assume you mean in the bibliography it self?  – that is the Bibliography Layout and the setting you would edit is shown in the attached image.  You would then “save as” to a new name and go back to your word document and change the output style you are using.  I highly recommend that you do not name it the same name.   

Far more than you probably want to know about ending styles is here:

In Word’s Cite as you write, when you update citations and bibliography, the numbering system that corresponds to the citation is in order and looks like the image posted. I would like to change the 1. to a (1) in word.

Yes, and I think I suggested how to do that in my earlier reply?  Edit the output style you are using.  

In endnote 

edit>edit “your-current-style-you-are-using-in-word”  

then on the Bibliography layout tab change the

Bibliography.(tab character) to

(Bibliography Number)(leave the tab character)