Change citation style from (autor et al, year) to [number]


I am trying to change a custom made style. However when I configure bibliography in word I get in the document (autor et al, year) like (McGuire et al., 2003), instead I would like to have numbers like [1] or [1,2]…

How do i change this? I know in EndNote I have to go to Edit “Style” but after I’m a bit lost…nothing obvious.

Any suggestion?..

Thank you! 

In EndNote Go to Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager and pick the style you are using check the style and then click Edit. You would then go to Citations > Templates > clear the text under Citation > click on Insert Field and pick Bibliography Number > type [] around Bibliography Number > so that it would look like [Bibliography Number]
In EndNote go to File > Save to save the changes.

You can then update the document and should have the format you want.

That’s it! Many thanks!