Charts and graphs should be figures not tables - can it be changed in Endnote?- possible solution found

My message below had no response - not sure whether it was a stupid question or if no one else ever needs to enter charts as figures with endnote.

I really hope someone can advise me this time.

i have now accidentally come across a possible solution - entering an excel chart under ‘journal article’ (instead of chart) as a new reference in endnote allows me to select and insert it as a figure in Word. endnote automatically labels it a figure in the text.

Is this how it’s supposed to be done?

Or am I courting disaster?( a dialogue box asking me if i want to update the excel workbook as it is linked to other data sources comes up every time - which i click ‘don’t update’ to, then it is entered)

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Hi all,

I have just realized that Endnote enters charts and graphs (from Excel) as Tables, whereas they should be entered as Figures (in most disciplines, as far as I know). Mine HAVE to be inserted as Figures, charts as Tables are unacceptable.

All I could think of doing is to change the charts to pictures in Photoshop, but the result is a loss of quality/crispness, it looks blurry and low resolution (despite saving as various sizes) compared to a directly inserted Excel chart. I have tried saving it in a few formats (jpeg, png,tiff,gif) and none of these look good enough to me.

Is there a way of inserting an Excel chart as a Figure (that I have missed) without having to convert it to a low resolution picture?


If I have to save it as a picture, can anyone please tell me what the best format is so that it looks as crisp as a directly imported Excel chart?

Most of my document has normal tables and figures (i.e. pictures) entered via endnote and it has worked fine, but now I need to insert (a LOT) of charts/graphs, and it is going to start getting messy if I have to enter them directly from Excel and rename all Figures once the document is done and the endnote codes removed.

that’s exactly what I was trying to avoid by using Endnote in the first place!

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated,


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