Chicago 16A : Series editor/Edited books - can't get page numbers to show.

Chicago style 16A   Using V5 with Win 7 Word 2010

Can someone help please?

Using" book’ as a reference type;  I am having trouble with books that have a series editor. If I put the pages in either number of pages or pages they don’t show up. .

If I use “Book section”  the pages appear immediately after the series editor’s name. The chapter shows up after the author. So in this  book section should I just add pages to the chapter section separated and ending in a comma?  This seems work but it is it a "  work around"  rather than the correct way of entering this reference.

What is the correct format for numbers in edited books please? Also what if it is not a chapter but a Part. ie Part 1. Is there a work around for this or is it another reference type?

If anyone has a good resource specific to using endnote and Chicago style can they pass it on please?

Your advice will be appreciated. There is less info on Chicago style 16 than other technical books.