Chicago 17th Footnote: removing unwanted comma


I am using ENX7 and Chicago 17th Footnote for a paper. There is a book that I’ve been quoting several times and that therefore must appear in its short title form in later footnotes. 

The issue is: I just need the short form of the book title to appear, and do not need to quote any specific page. Endnote, however, keeps adding a comma after the short title, whereas I need to have a full stop there. See example below for further clarity.

How it appears now:

See Libro de la oración ,. (with unwanted comma–highlighted by me in red–after short title)

How it should appear:

See Libro de la oración. (without comma after short title)

I have the same issue with the Encyclopedia reference and in general with short references in which I do not need to quote a page number, but just the reference itself:

How it appears now:

See Bonora, “Quinzani, Stefana,”.

How it should appear:

See Bonora, “Quinzani, Stefana”.

Please note I have tried editing the style by moving the commas around in the book short form, I even deleted them altogether, but this comma doesn’t seem to want to disappear. How do I solve this?

Any help will be hugely appreciated!



For the book, have you tried downloading a new version of the footnote style, because mine seems to work fine, that I downloaded today via the help menu.  remember to give it a unique name.  

The new Chicago 17th doesn’t have an encyclopedia style but I can see the problem, in that grammar rules make the comma positioning rather difficult to omit or keep depending on whether or not something would come after it.  do you ever need it?  Do you ever cite pages in this context?