Chicago style for conference proceedings

I’m wondering if the built in style guide for chicago (16th Author-Date) is wrong.  Endnote does not put quotation marks around a title, but all indications are that there should be.  Can anyone comment?

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I only see quotes in the book Chapter or other 2ndary reference in the document you attached, and those are there in my version of Chicago16A?  

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From the Style Manual referenced in the link.

Paper presented at a meeting or conference
Adelman, Rachel. 2009. “ ‘Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On’: God’s Footstool in the Aramaic Targumim and Midrashic Tradition.” Paper presented at the annual meeting for the Society of Biblical Literature, New Orleans, Louisiana, November 21–24.
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the template for “Conference Proceedings” is the below - which  also has a “quoted” title, which is also close, but it appears the year needs to be moved up.  So you would edit the output style (Edit>Output style – Edit output style “Chicago 16A”  >Bibliography templates, and open the Conference proceedings template  – then move the “Year of Conference” up to infront of “Title.” and add a fullstop after it.     

It is now

Author. “Title.” Paper presented at the Conference Name|, Conference Location|, Date Year of Conference|.


Author. Year of Conference. “Title.” Paper presented at the Conference Name|, Conference Location|, Date|.

The | characters are  to ensure that random punctuation is not included if the field in a  record doesn’t contain any information.