Choose export style for group of references?


I have a group of references, I want to export using a special style. I have exported some other references using another custom style I made, but I need to change it.

What did not work for me, was: choosing the style I wanted to, marking the group of references (all I want do export), clicking on export. The result is a bibliography with the wrong style.

How can I change the style for exporting references?


Message Edited by ToStue on 11-19-2008 09:32 AM

Have you tried “Copy formatted”?

  1. Select the output style format you want.

2.  Highlight to select the records you want to export.

3.  Under EDI, chose COPY FORMATTED.

4.  PASTE into a word processing document.


There is a slight change to the export window that I missed the first time, at least in X2.  At the bottom, there is a third option.  You specify the name, the format (txt or rtf) and then below that, the style! See in attached gif.