Need help sorting by date

First off - I’m using Windows XP pro SP3 with EndNote X1.

I have a database of many journal articles and need to export them to word and have them sorted by Year then Date then Author.  I’ve gone into Edit >Output Styles > Edit “my style” then under Bibliography >Sort Order I’ve chosen “Other” and made it sort frist by"Year", then by “Date”, then by “Author.”  All is well except that the dates are listed Aplabetically!  Now April is before December which is before January!

Is there a way to change this?

Most of my dates are listed as three letter abbreviation as they have been pulled from Pubmed.

As an alpha field, I don’t think you are ever going to get it to sort as a date field, unless you search and replace each month with a number (and Jan better be 01, etc. and you would be better to replace it with the month number rather than leave any other part of that field which sometimes also includes the day’s date  in some publications).  Can you use the e-Pub Date field (which is mapped to the “edition field” in Journal Articles) instead, which might give you a better result?